Pearly Maintenance

At one point or another we all need a dentist. Whether it be for a specific ailment or just for general upkeep, no amount of brushing, flossing or mouth rinsing can keep this fact at bay forever. And since most of us are a little sensitive about what goes into our mouths it’s pretty important that we choose a dentist who is equally sensitive to your personal needs. To make the hunt a little bit easier on you there are a few things to consider:

What Do You Need?

This may seem like a silly question but at the same time it can be easily overlooked. Without knowing your own basic needs first you could end up trying to sort through dentists until your teeth fall out. Some things to consider are your budget, insurance coverage, personal/family needs, specialties and/or business practices that you prefer or require. Knowing these things first will narrow down the dentist from dePacific you have to choose from considerably.


Not all dentists are created equal. See if friends and family have any recommendations, and if they do ask them why. What made that dentist stand out from all the others to them? Also look at anonymous reviews as well. Are there any reasons that people can give to NOT see a specific dentist?

Is It Just a Number?

Do you prefer smaller practices with one dentist or is better to have a couple to choose from? On the one hand it’s nice to have a doctor who knows you and it might help keep you calm if your scared of the dentist. But on the other hand, it may make it harder to make a appointment with them that fits into your schedule whereas an office with multiple dentists will have an easier time accommodating you. You may have to wait longer for a specific dentist. And if you have children this could be a real pain.

Can You Wait?

Are you needing a general checkup or cleaning or are you in pain and have a bit of an emergency on your hands? This could be a deal breaker. If you have a tooth that’s causing extreme pain it probably isn’t feasible to wait for a specific dentist.


How concerned are you with a dentists level of experience? Does it make you uncomfortable that someone relatively new to the job is working in your mouth? If you are the type that believes that rookies are more likely to do something wrong and you can’t trust their judgement it may better for everyone if you go to someone who’s been around longer.

In the end, just try not to be too picky or procrastinate for too long. You need to make your teeth last and you need the help of a professional to do it correctly.