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Guide to Selecting the Best International School

Every parent wants the best education for their children. Parents will therefore go out of their way to select the best schools for their children. However, choosing a good school for your child may be a daunting task. A number of factors have to be considered before settling the right international school for your child like Insworld.

The curriculum offered by the school

Find out if the school is offering a child-centered curriculum challenging enough to help in developing the child’s strengths, reduce on the child’s weakness and boost the love for learning. The school should offer extensive courses that can meet the child’s future needs. Additionally consider some of the co-curricular activities that are offered by the school. These include clubs, sports, arts and community services among others. Find out on the tests that are given to students plus the performance of the school in terms of conversion rate to universities.

The school

Find out if the school is accredited as well as how long it has been in existence. The schools should have all the facilities like laboratory, library and IT and they should be well maintained. Also consider the distance from home to school and how long the child will take to get to school. The school should also have adequate security.

Fees and Costs

This is an important consideration when selecting an international school for your child. Find out the school’s annual fee. Additionally, find out any additional fees charged by the school. International schools vary in terms fees and costs depending on location. If you intend to send your child to an oversea school consider the cost of living in the new location. Factor out things like accommodation, meals, transport among other considerations.

Consider the child’s needs and aspirations

The child’s needs should also be considered when selecting an international school. Also the parent’s main consideration is getting the best education for the child, some factors like having fun, making friends and not having a lot of homework have to be considered. The child’s future career dreams also have to be factored out and ensure that the school being selected has the capacity to make the dreams come true.

These are among many other factors that a parent need to carefully scrutinize when selecting an international school for a child.


Are Acai Bowls Healthy?

Acai berry bowls are a popular item in North America. They have become a trend for the breakfast crowd. The berries are from Brazil. That means that the base of this dish is exported.

The bowls have a variety of toppings. They can be fruit, coconut, chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, or oatmeal. A lot of people wonder if the bowls are healthy.

The Jamba Juice power size Acai Super Antioxidant has 560 calories and 92 grams of sugar. This makes the dish quite unhealthy if one thinks about it. That is a high concentration of sugar. Luckily though, the fructose from the fruit is digested a little more slowly that refined sugar. That means that some of those sugars are healthier than others.

On the website Stack- Blue Star Sports, they discuss whether these bowls are healthy or not ( The article “Are Acai Bowls Actually Healthy?” updated on January 31, 2017, sites that according to the Mayo Clinic, acai bowls are lower in sugar than other berries. So, in comparison to a strawberry bowl, if such a trend were to exist, the acai bowl would actually be healthier potentially. This, of course, does not account for the amount of sugars added to the bowl to make it palatable.

The National Institutes of Health though makes it clear that there is not a lot of scientific research done on the benefits of these berries. It is safe to assume then that you shouldn’t go around believing the claims of restaurants serving these bowls.

Fruit is a delicious treat that is part of a healthy lifestyle. However, going to a fast food place for a bowl of acai might not be the best plan. These joints notoriously add sugar to make them palatable. So eat a bowl instead of cereal, but recognize that this might just be a regular breakfast, not a super healthy substitute.