An Introduction to Wedge Wire Screens and Their Many Uses

Wedge wire screens are high performance products constructed from highly durable materials and are manufactured to withstand a lot of wear from industrial processes. Their main purpose is to separate solids from liquids but they can be used to filter out any suspended material and they have multiple applications for a number of industrial processes. Different types of screen have openings or slots that will allow a specific type of substance to pass through or a particular type of solid to be retained.

Some Facts about Wedge Wire Screens

  • In addition to being highly effective, wedge wire screens are also an economic solution because they require less cleaning or maintenance and are designed to last.
  • The screens can be constructed from non-staining materials with self-cleaning properties and a low carbon profile.
  • Wedge wire applications are suitable for high volume use because they are strong and resilient.
  • Architects greatly appreciate the visual aspect of wedge wire screens and will use them whenever a solution is needed for a strong dynamic that involves passing liquids, gases, fine particles or any type of suspended material through a filter.
  • They are very versatile and different types of screen are designed for use in oil and gas, petrochemical and water treatment processes.
  • They are also favored by many manufacturers involved in food and beverage production, paper production and other industrial processes.

Wedge Wire screens have multiple usages in a lot of industry. AnĀ Wedge Wire Screen Manufacturers provide for the following industries:

Food and Beverage Industry

There are a number of applications for wedge wire screens in the food and drink industry. Screens that have extremely narrow slot openings can be used for very fine powders such as corn starch. Other types of wedge wire product are suitable for use in brewing, winemaking, malting, sugar processing and corn wet milling. Their applications are suitable for maceration in malting and in the distilling process for alcoholic beverages. They can also be used in any type of food processing that involves pulping and sieving.

Oil and Gas Industry

Wedge wire applications are used in the oil and gas industry mainly for sand retention. This type of wire screen is the preferred choice because it is more effective than other types of screening. There is minimal screen blinding and no cross contamination when wedge wire screens are used.

Petrochemical and Refining Industry

Wedge wire applications used by the petrochemical and refining industry reduce potential loss or migration of valuable substances. The screens can be used in the process of the finest of materials and they are used in preference to traditional mesh screens by many chemical and pharmaceutical companies and by manufacturers of dyes, inks, resins and paints.

Water Processing and Treatment

Wedge wire screens are widely used in wastewater treatment and in the extraction of groundwater. They are easily set up for all types of water screening. Specially designed slots can be used on screening equipment in lakes, rivers and other natural bodies of water, to prevent any harm being done to wildlife.

General Industries

With so many applications it is not surprising that wedge wire screens are used by many different types of industry, including those involved in environmental control, pharmaceuticals, quarrying, mining, timber and pulp processing. Paper manufacturers require impurities to be removed in the process of pressing paper and find this type of application much more effective than a conventional mesh screen. Different types of wedge wire screen are also used in ceramics, cement, steel and iron works.

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