Gifts that Keep on Giving

When it comes to giving gifts in the corporate world, the thought does count: the right gifts will help clients and other important business connections think of you and the services you offer, long after your business card has been thrown out. Customised gifts Singapore are a good choice, as they seem less mass produced and therefore more valuable.


With cheap pens proliferating the modern world, fancy writing instruments are making a comeback. Elegant-looking pens with metallic finishes printed with the message of your choice are excellent gifts for corporate clients, who would certainly be more willing to carry those in their pockets or sign business documents with them instead of plastic ballpoints. This is a gift that enhances the professional image of both the giver and the recipient.

Desk Accessories

Whether they work from home or in a busy office, everyone uses a desk — even those who hardly sit down all day. Engraved clocks, pen holders, business card holders, and other desk accessories make good gifts because they become a constant presence in your clients’ work environment. Your contact information will be within easy reach whenever a need arises.

Practical Items

Travel mugs, carry totes, and small tools are items that will eventually be used, and no one can have too many coffee cups, wine glasses, or notebooks. These useful objects can not only be printed or engraved for customisation from Corporate Gift Wholesale Singapore, they can also bear colors or logos that have meaning for the recipients. Your clients will appreciate having items that they can use around the home or office.

If you know your client’s taste, you might consider personalized gift sets or soap, chocolate, clothing, or toys. With all the options available, the best way to choose the right gift is to consider the amount you are willing to spend, the quality of the items, and, most importantly, what your clients would truly want. Put in the effort you would in striking a business deal, and your gift will help make the impression and impact you deserve.

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