How to choose a good Florist

Choosing flowers can be a hard thing to do therefore it s vital that you select the right florist. Due to the fact that bouquets and flowers are an essential part of a wedding or any other special occasion such as birthday or even a funeral, it is important that you find a florist in Singapore whose work you love and call them to ensure that they know what you want. Make sure you are getting someone that understands and appreciated the scale of the occasion.


You need to ask questions to the potential florist. Ask to see photographs of the work that they have done before for the type of ceremony that you have in mind. Fresh bouquets will give you a good view than photos therefore ask if they have any flowers ready for an event that is coming up soon. Find out some of the extras that are not included on their website but the florist provides.


Find out the duration the florist has been in the business. Do not be afraid to try out a newbie because some of them have really good ideas and come into the industry with a motive to strive and make a name for themselves. They will have unique floral arrangement ideas that no one has ever thought about.

You can also get recommendations from family and friends if you are struggling to get a florist. There is a high chance that someone you know has used the services of a florist before.

Have a contract

The agreement needs to include some standard information such as date, location of the ceremony, time and reception. There should be a list of the things that the florist is going to provide including the color and type of flowers, terms of payment, cancellation and return policy. The essence of a contract is to bind both parties to perform their duties.

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