How to Choose a Good MBA Courses

Most students receive their MBA in popular areas such as finance, marketing and management, but these are not the only ones offering specialization in MBA programs from colleges or universities. There are far more specializations in MBA offered to individuals in different industries; Every area you can imagine, there is an MBA specialization for it. Knowing the full range of MBA options gives you a better chance of choosing the best MBA that best fits your career goal according to

In most career paths, people plan to achieve their highest careers in leadership positions or become entrepreneurs who run their own businesses. Although an MBA is not the ultimate requirement for leadership positions, employers usually prefer to encourage or hire people with an MBA degree for the higher position, because MBA graduates generally have better leadership and communication skills that are important in the management position MBA programs are also prepared to help students think analytically and strategically. Therefore, if you combine your undergraduate or graduate degree with an MBA in your profession specialization field, you will surely have higher marketable skills that are desirable for employment in your professional field.

Let’s look at some of the common MBA specializations:

MBA in Health Management

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing areas with double-digit percentage growth forecast by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2010. This shows a good career opportunity if you want to start your health care career.

An MBA specializing in health management prepares you for middle to senior management positions in health care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and health authorities.

MBA in Marketing

If you work in marketing, advertising or public relations, you know that these areas are very competitive. You must have good marketing skills and skills to succeed in this challenging career. MBA with marketing specialization can broaden your knowledge and improve your skills so that you are well prepared for the challenges of your marketing career.

MBA in communication

If you work in communications areas such as media & advertising, journalism, public relations and want to take your career to a new level, prepare yourself for a communication-oriented MBA in middle to upper management positions in this communications career in front of Felder.

MBA in entrepreneurship

They do not understand that MBA in Entrepreneurship is only for people who want to become entrepreneurs. Many companies, especially those in dynamic industries such as technology and media, need MBA graduates with an MBA in Entrepreneurship to lead their company towards development. Basically, these MBA courses are focused on business strategies that promote innovation and flexibility.

MBA in Hospitality and Tourism

In addition to the health industry, the service industry such as hotels, restaurants and tourism is also booming. The high demands in these areas require professionals who can apply management techniques at all levels to bring the industry to the booms. MBA in Hospitality & Tourism can be your open door to bringing your hospitality or tourism career to a higher level with better revenue.

MBA in Human Resources (HR)

Employees are the most important asset for an organization. The HR department is responsible for the selection, recruitment, training and adaptation to the needs of the employees. Therefore, HR managers need good employee leadership, effective employee communication and good working relationships.

An MBA in Human Resources combines the generic MBA with specialized employee training such as employee training and recruitment, planning and mediation. You will also learn how to integrate HR strategies into the company’s HR plan.


You must choose the right specialization in your MBA program so that your MBA degree carries the most value that can help in your career shift. Knowing the possibilities of specializing in the MBA program increases your chances of choosing the best MBA program that best fits your career goal.

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