How to Treat Speech Disorder

Speech disorder is a form of a communication problem where words are not able to come out clearly. Stuttering is one of the most known speech problem. There also other types of disorders such as Apraxia that occurs due to the damage to the part of the brain that control speech, Dysarthia happens when the muscles of the face ,mouth and respiratory system have challenges in moving or becomes weak. People who are suffering from this problem are usually aware of what they want to say but they are not able to formulate their thoughts. Speech problem may cause you to develop self-esteem issues in some cases leading to depression. Speech disorder treatment is important to discover early and below are some of the ways to do so:

Symptoms of Speech Disorder

Symptoms of speech disorder will vary depending on the cause of the condition. Here are common sign of speech problem.

Repeating word which is mostly found in people who stutter

  • Adding extra words and sounds when talking
  • Pausing frequently when speaking
  • Frustration is visible when trying to communicate something.
  • Hoarseness in their voice
  • A lot of head movement when speaking
  • Some distorting sounds when speaking
  • Blinking a lot when speaking
  • Substitutes the wrong sound for the correct one
  • Unable to control the loudness nor quietness of the voice

Speech Disorder Treatment

It is treated differently according to the type of disorder. When suffering from a mild speech disorder you may not require any treatment .Some disorders just disappears while others can be improved by sessions of speech therapy.

  • Speech therapy

A qualified therapist will assist you in doing exercises that help strengthen the muscles in the throat and face. The exercises will help you know how to control breath while speaking. This will enhance the way you pronounce the words and help you have fluent speech.

  • Talk therapy

Suffering from communication disorder can be frustrating and embarrassing thus leading to depression, Talk therapist will talk to about the ways to be able to cope with the situation. Some antidepressant can also help reduce the problem.

  • Voice therapy

This therapy involves educating the patient about techniques of good vocals so that to reduce the pressure that is put on vocal cords. This will help in reducing the chances of speech disorder occurring again later in life.

  • Surgery

In some cases surgery may be necessary to correct cases like tongue tie and cleft palate that may be causing communication disorder.

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