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Jobquest365 is an online platform that seeks to connect employers with reliable employees for their unique productivity needs. To be specific, the website provides the ideal candidates for your organization, part time employees to assist you in the completion of your demanding projects and with special features that make the entire procedure that much simple. This particular online platform helps employers to match with suitable candidates for their unique business needs. In fact, since not all professions require professional qualifications, all candidates can demonstrate their special skills and develop their unique life biographies as well.

Why Choose Us

Update Corporate Profile and create job positions

An important benefit of settling for our special jobquest services is the fact that we allow users to set up their company profile and incorporate achievements and background information. Besides that, this will also enable any potential employees to come across your information, thereby increasing your likelihood of finding an excellent employer.Besides that, one can also create and post jobs for free in Singapore based on their unique business requirements. Worth noting, is that you have the option of incorporating your skills and job requirement for an individual position.

Create Project-Based Job Positions and View Job Application Status

More importantly, we also provide the option of posting project based job position for employers who might need short term employment assistance. While this feature might be similar to the create job positions, the time frame for completing the job is what might be different. Best of all, is the fact that one can easily check and evaluate the status of the posted job applications at any time. We make it more convenient by providing you with timely notifications when job offers come through.


All things considered, Jobquest365 is an excellent place for employers and job seekers to come together and interact whenever they need it the most. The website provides a bevy of features that are all fine tuned towards making your job and employee search a simple and convenient encounter.

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