New Designs for Balconies with Tempered Glass

Tempered glass has been around a long time but now is recycled in decorating and household architecture. Balconies constructed with tempered safety glass are aesthetically pleasing, four to six times stronger than regular glass, and form a safety barrier that allows light to highlight the interior design of the structure. The tempered glass panels can be ordered in any size and with many different choices of shape.

Whether traditional or modern design, tempered glass can fit right in. Usually framed in marine grade stainless steel, balcony tempered glass is safe. The use of glass in the balcony gives a spacious open appearance making the house look bigger. Glass is almost maintenance free. A wet towel or squeegee cleans off any dust particles that collect. Opaque panels don’t even show dust. Tempered glass can withstand blasts, has a high tolerance to extreme heat, and protects from violent weather and natural disasters.

As an example of a balcony consider, 20 inch by 40 inch frosted rectangular panels framed in marine steel surrounding the top floor of your mansion. The edge work would be flat polished and a half inch thick. You would have an impenetrable balcony that would filter light through out the house with out being completely transparent.

Tempered glass panels come in every shape from round, square, rectangular, and oval, to diamond. It comes in all colors and designs from clear to frosted opaque. When these balconies are installed the view is enhanced not blocked.

The tempered safety glass balcony protects children and the elderly from falling through as has been reported with other balcony structures.

The security of not being seen when coming out of the bedroom when not fully dressed makes the balcony a wonderful addition to any home.

Sound reduction, balconies encircling bedrooms with tempered thick safety glass would keep outside sound from being so annoying and keep bedroom sounds from permeating the household. This sound dampening comes from the “viscoelastic” property of the inner layer material of the tempered safety glass. It helps block sounds between 125 Hz and 4,000 Hz.

Solar energy and UV control is another benefit of tinted or laminated tempered safety glass. The balcony can reduce some light while enhancing other light. It can add shade to keep the house cool. UV radiation can ruin furniture, but UV absorbing additives in the inter layer can help protect furnishings from UV light.

The design can be patterned with wire, heat strengthened, curved, tinted, or even reflective.

The tempered safety glass panel balcony is easy to install and adds aesthetic as well as dynamic real world value to houses.

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