Point of Sale Displays: proof that the aesthetically pleasing adds to customer sales & satisfaction

A point of sale display is that which may most easily be explained as a marketing tool to maximize sales in a prevalent market. Commonly used in regards to point of sale displays are freestanding units or displays which differentiate a brand’s product by making it stand out amongst the crowd and catch the eye of the wandering consumer according to Display Choice.

Shopping in a crowded grocery store such as Publix or Kroger can be overwhelming for the average American. Having a unique, different point of sale display that is not part of the norm in regards to the customary displays allows you to bring your own product branding and marketing directly to the consumer, hopefully ultimately peaking interest hence resulting in increased sales.

Note that point of sale displays are not limited to freestanding units but they also include counter displays, which are quite smaller in size, but utilize the convenience of being right by the checkout. Hanging displays are another great example of simply another form of a point of sale display that makes a great impact on the consumer when it comes to marketing any specific product.

It is important to realize that point of sale displays span many markets and it’s not just the grocery stores that contain them. For example, think about the most recent gas station you stopped at. I’m sure you saw several point of sale displays even if – at the time – you weren’t exactly thinking about it or would’ve known the name. Furthermore, point of sale displays filter through to the retail stores and businesses, fast-food industry, tobacco companies and even non-profits for example. With so many different sectors in business using point of sale displays I think the import of such is more than clear. Not only are they essential to any business but they do their job well in that they certainly have the ability to create product and brand awareness when done properly. Now as individuals in the salesroom, we must remember that it is up to our creativity to continue to ensure that these point of sale displays catch the eye of the consumer and remain ever aesthetically pleasing for the sake of sales.

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