The Ultimate Chilean Wine Guide

Interesting enough, the long, thin country of Chile only plays second fiddle to France when it comes to producing Cabernet Sauvignon (a classic red wine for those not in the loop). Yes, it is a larger producer than the U.S. In short, Chile has become a wine-producing hotspot thanks to its ideal climate and cooling effects from the Pacific Ocean. If you are a wine enthusiast, here is everything you need to know about Chilean wine in Singapore.

The Ultimate Chilean Wine Guide:

Above everything else, it is worth mentioning that most of Chile’s unique vineyards are tucked away in the Central Valley Region. However, if you only have taste buds for age-worthy wine, the fine wines you desire can be traced to the foothills of Puente Alto or Alto Cachapoal. That said, here are some of the best Chilean wines worth your investment bought to you by Pengwine.

Carmenere – it bears a cult-like following thanks to its savory flavor and cheap price. The typical flavors consist of a blend of green peppercorn, bell pepper, spicy notes of raspberry, chocolate, graphite and pomergranate. Being that the grape is almost extinct in Bordeaux, France, it is safe to say that the Carmenere is one of Chile’s gems.

Syrah – its age-worthiness and complex notes of minerals make Syrah one of the most sought after Chilean wines and for good reason. The full-bodied wine entails spicy flavors of sugar plum, chocolate, graphite, black pepper, raspberry and black cherry. If you are a daily wine consumer, it is worth noting that Syrah is quite cost efficient.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux Blends – the blends have a cardinal tart and fruity taste which makes them one of the most unique in the world. They consist of a unique blend of fresh berry sauce, graphite, black currant, chocolate and violets. The full-bodied wines are also of moderate acidity and hence making them ideal for almost everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the above, you can also opt for the renowned Malbec wine known for their aromatic notes of peony and violet or Pais, regarded for its sweet, yet tangy taste with notes of plums, red cherry and roses.

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