toddler swimming lessons

Toddler Swimming Lessons Tips

There are many different kinds of swimming lessons out there for children. But you want to make sure that toddler swimming lessons are performed by a competent teacher. After all, these are the formative years. Here are some qualities to look out for in an instructor:

Good with Kids

Some instructors just don’t make the lessons fun for children. And toddler ages are all about play. You need a teacher that encourages them to blow bubbles and perform the starfish. You want a teacher who looks like someone who enjoys teaching the little tykes. And preferably, the teacher will let them wade in the toddler pool with toys for a few minutes at the end of each lesson. It’s like going in the hot tub for kids.

Parent-Teacher Lessons

The last thing you want is your instructor to be with a group of toddlers all by oneself. That is a ratio that just doesn’t work. All these toddlers don’t know how to swim. And they will never get anywhere in life jackets with the teacher taking them off one at a time. Also, the kids are not safe in life jackets. They can still swallow too much water and dry drown. So basically, you will need one on one supervision, and that means every parent gets in the water too. You need to look for this or get your toddler a private lesson. The big groups spell danger and you don’t want to subject your little one to that


Make sure that the teacher has qualifications and also experience with toddlers. It can be fine if they have the certification, but being in their very first toddler group might be a little dicey. You may or may not come away with the help that you were looking for. Make sure to look for some experience as well in toddler swimming lessons.

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